GTIN-14 Entry for Pallet, Pack or Case ( ITF-14 barcode)

Here are the steps to enter directly GTIN-14 specifying aggregation of individual items such as case, pallet or inner pack.

1. Go to "Products" section:

2. Click on 'Set an active Prefix':

4. Deactivate  if it is active and click submit:

5. Now click [ + Add Product Button ]

6. When adding the product, enter 14 digits GTIN-14 number and product name. Last check digit will be corrected if needs to:

7. Clicking [ Add new product will save ] a new product, by default as case, that can be changed later to pallet or pack.

8. Clicking on product row ( GTIN-14 ) will display the product details including the appropriate ITF-14 barcode that could be purchased or downloaded:

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