Inventories: Import and Export is a famous drop-shipping supplier that lets you export export the inventory in a number of common formats including CSV. Their export format is tricky because it contains both MODEL and PRODUCT fields in the same table making it difficult to reconcile the records and to import them as market-place feeds for Amazon or for eBay for instance.

Here is a quick look how BrandsDistribution data looks like:

( as you see PRODUCT and MODEL are linked by the product_id field ). make it easy to handle this repetitive task.

Here is how:

Login into ( make sure you have subscription plan ).
Import BrandsDistribution CSV inventory by choosing Inventories / Import Inventory. Choose file name to upload. Give a name to your inventory: below we use "example short". Be sure to select " Brands Distribution" as source. Click Upload.
Done! You have imported the BrandsDistribution inventory converting it in a convenient flat-file format: one item per row. Here is how your data looks after it can be uploaded.  From here you can:
  • filter it
  • export it  
  • or map additional data such as Amazon marketplace ASINs

Once uploaded. Go to Inventories / Inventories and click on Export to export.
In the export window you have a possibility to:
  • export just the needed columns ( select the checkboxes ) for the columns that you need
  • order the columns in the order that you need ( just right-mouse-click and drag the column handle to the left or right )
  • rename the columns by inserting the new names into "Rename" row

If you repeating your export again and again: make sure to select " Save selected columns as user schema" and click on "Export" this specific "schema" will be available next time in "User defined schemas" pull-down list.

We also provide two popular transformation schemas from to multi-channel publisher, this transformation schemas are available in the right pull-down (System Schemas).

Note: If you have questions or remarks or need to have your own custom mapping, please do not hesitate to contact our support and we would be glad to help! 

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