Bulk Lookups: ASIN / EAN / UPC

Many our customers receive inventory files that contain many EAN or UPC barcode numbers ( inventory export ). Such files can be found by drop-shipping marketplaces such as  BrandsDistribution.com for example. Our customers would like then to lookup Amazon ASIN numbers or retrieve actual retail pricing.

Instead of submitting each EAN/UPC or ISBN one-by-one you copy-paste several of them simultaneously or upload a file that can contain up to several thousands of IDs. Please see pricing. Here is how it works:

Purchase or subscribe to monthly plan as appropriate.
Login into your account and choose 'Amazon/Bulk lookups' tab ( left side of the screen):

On the 'Amazon bulk lookup' page click on the 'Add new job':

You will have to choose the Amazon region ( US, UK, DE, etc ... ) and the type of lookup ( from ASIN or EAN/UPC, to EAN/UPC or ASIN ). The IDs can be then submitted  as a CSV or TXT file via 'Job File' field or directly copy-pasted into 'Job Data' window. Once done, click on Submit.

You can follow the job status by refreshing the job page:

Completed jobs can be accessed via  'Amazon/Bulk lookups' tab, you also will receive an email on the job completion.

Clicking on Results: Download will give choice of fields that can be retrieved, click while pressing Ctrl or Command to select several fields. File type can be set to Excel ( xls ), comma-seapated ( csv ) or textile.
Clicking submit will download the file to your computer, as the results are available during the next 24 hours you can try different file options to find the best.

Note: Some EAN/UPC IDs or ASINs are not listed in some regions, in that case lookup results will contain 'N/A' as values and the error message confirming that the lookup ID was invalid: "...  is not a valid value for ItemId. Please change this value and retry your request."

Lookup results are kept for the 24 hours. There are limits of number of IDs that can be submitted per lookup job and per day. For the details, please refer to the  Pricing page. 

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